is it safe to put eyeliner on your lips

Can you use eyeliner as lip liner? Why or why not? – Quora

Can you use eyeliner as lip liner? Why or why not? – Quora

A lot of makeup products are versatile so the answer is yes, you can. If you are using a pencil eyeliner that is waterproof, it will dry out your lips so your best bet is using a pencil eyeliner that is more like a kohl or a creamy tip to glide on the lips, prevent dryness, and not run (smudge).

Is it safe to put eyeliner on your lips? | Yahoo Answers

If you can put the eyeliner so close to your eyes, it’s not going to do you any harm if you apply it to your lips …

Eyeliner used as lipliner. Yay or nay? : MakeupAddiction – Reddit

I think the biggest issue is using it as an eyeliner againyou’d spread bacteria from your lips/mouth to your eyes, and your eyes are really sensitive. …. Ultramarines may be safely used for coloring cosmetics and personal care products, including products intended for use in the area of the eye, when they …

1. You can wear eyeliner on your lips – 1 – Celebuzz

1. You can wear eyeliner on your lips. Jenny Smith, a lead makeup artist for NARS, clued us in on this one backstage at the Dannijo show. She used a chocolate “Mambo” eye pencil all over lips (not just to line them), plus Pure Matte Lipstick in “Volga” to create this dark, romantic pout. Return to Story.

Can You Really Use Lip Liner as Eyeliner? | Allure

At best, you risk mild eye irritation. … Since the regulation of pigments is so strict for eye makeup—and the ingredients are almost identical—you can theoretically use your eyeliner as lip liner (though I don’t know why you would need to when there are about 8 billion lip liners in the world).

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Black Lips using Eyeliner. Feed Me Cheeseburgers. Loading… Unsubscribe …what did she …

Eyeliner as Lipstick??? –

Okay I’m having the WORST time in the world finding dark blue lipstick for a Mana costume, especially since it isn’t anywhere near halloween And I can’t buy it off of the internet cause the con i’m going to is in …. Yes, eyeliner works fine except for the fact that it makes your lips dry, just put lip gloss over it ^_^.

Can You Use Kylie Lip Kits As Eyeliner? They’re Surprisingly Multi …

The Kylie Lip Kits’ status is constantly shifting and evolving. The matte, liquid lipsticks have earned cult status, since they are so hard to obtain but getting your hands (and lips) on a Lip Kit seems to be getting easier. I have purchased four Kylie Lip Kits myself and you can grab tips for successfully scoring …

Is It Weird That I Mix My Eyeliner And Lipstick Together? – xoJane

but make sure that you’re only applying your eyeliner to the outside of your lips and then blending inward. Afterwards, I wipe my liners down with makeup remover pads if I’m going to use them at any point on my eyes again. So what weird makeup combinations have worked for you? Are you skillful at …

As Seen At Fashion Week: Lip Liner As Eyeliner | Into The Gloss

Why your favorite nude lipliner just became your favorite multiple—here’s how to use lip liner as eyeliner, and what to keep in mind, too.

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